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The Book of 100

We are looking for one hundred writers to write The Book of 100. One writer for each scene in the story.

Why one hundred writers?

Because to grow a forest is a near impossible task in today’s world. As the entire world clamours towards the race of development and consumption, the idea of growing a forest, to build a sanctuary of thousands of trees, is a ludicrous idea.

Just the mere suggestion of it would raise a cynical eyebrow or a sideways glance.

You want to do what? Grow a forest? And then wait for the remarks and the ridicule.

A hundred writers to write one book? That is insane. It’s crazy. You’ll never do it.

The very idea of finding one hundred writers who can all join forces and write one book—The Book of 100—is so outrageous an idea that no book publisher would ever consider it.

That is where you come in.

We need writers who are willing to accept the challenge. Writers who also think it is a near impossible task but are prepared to meet it head on.

Writers usually work alone. They have a dream of a story and they want to write that story alone. The Book of 100 is not like that. It is one story written by a hundred writers. Each writer contributes a scene from an outline planned out before.

Are you the kind of writer that can meet such a challenge?

Could you help write The Book of 100?

We want to hear from you. Please Contact us now and we can add you to our tribe of writers.