Make a plan

Plan the book. Make an outline of the story. It has to be fixed enough that everyone that joins is able to follow the story, to make connections between one scene to the next. But fluid enough to allow for all the writers to leave their mark, to allow each writer to use his own voice. Difficult? Indeed. Impossible? We think not.

Find the Writers

No book without writers. So we will use social media—Facebook, Reddit, Twitter – and give a shout out for writers to join us. A recruitment drive of like-minded individuals that want to join our tribe and write The Book of 100.

Each Writer to Each Scene

Then all the writers placed in the outline. The first writer writes the very first scene. And as the writer completes the scene, they pass it on to the next writer who then writes the next scene. A relay of writing talent and a race to the end. Time is running out.

The First Draft is Complete

Once the first draft is finished we send it off for editing. An unenviable job to edit the work of one hundred writers in one manuscript but we believe it can be done.

Writing is Rewriting

Once all the necessary rewrites and edits are done, the editors take another look. Hopefully, we are closer to a completed novel. Time is running out.

A Book Cover

We find a designer to create the cover for The Book of 100.


The Book of 100 is prepared for publication.

The Book of 100 is published

The final draft is for sale and available to the people.

The People buy The Book of 100

We sell the book and show transparency on all sales. Everyone needs to see what the exact sales are and how much we have made.

Find a Place to Plant a Forest

With the professional help of forestry commissions and forestry experts we choose the perfect location to grow a forest.


No forest without trees. Using the money that we received from sales of The Book of 100 we buy trees.

Team of Planters

We need people to plant the trees. We need experts to do this. We have to pay them to help us grow the forest.

The Forest grows

We cannot results in the next few months. Trees grow their entire life. An oak tree takes fifty years to grow only twenty metres. But it is a beginning.


Conceptual Visionary

Niko is from Sofia, Bulgaria. He has two MA’s in Engineering Management and Quality Assurance. Niko came up with the original idea of The Book of 100. He is an avid reader of anything that covers new technology or hi-tech.



David is from London, England. He attended Art College and became a teacher. Now he runs a business selling writing services. He processes writing submitted to The Book of 100. He reads novels.


Website Support

Oreo was born in Paris, France and has a PhD in AI and Quantum Development. It therefore made perfect sense to ask him to design the website for The Book of 100. He also loves to read.